Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm a Bombshell Pin Up!

I'm a Bombshell Pin Up!  Well, that's a fun announcement to make.   :-)   I've been tickled hot pink since I found out that Bombshell Stamps has selected me to be one of their guest designers.   I get to serve on their design team for six months and take a more substantial role for the month of December.   Yahooo!

I first discovered Bombshell Stamps when I was looking for some motorcycle stamps.  I have a Harley and love to ride.   It's nice to have my two main hobbies meet now and then, thus the search for some motorcycle stamps.   Well, I found some fabulous motorcycle images at Bombshell Stamps. It didn't take me long to order and I couldn't resist the Bombshell Angel and her digital file for clothing to go with her.   And I'm itching to bring a few of those hot rod cars home.

For fun, check out a few of my projects I already posted using Bombshell stamps CLICKY.  Oh and if you haven't already figured this out... I like all kinds of crafting styles.  I enjoy anywhere from the CAS (clean and simple) style to the grunge and distressed.

So check back tomorrow... I have another card all queued up to load.

Yay!  I'm officially a Bombshell Pin Up!

  Check out the Bombshell blog if you have a few minutes. 

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  1. So glad you are going to creating with us. Congratulations


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